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November 23, 2017
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Landscaping: outdoor spaces to be enjoyed.

Designing, building and caring for landscapes… A garden is never finished and all elements of your property are to be considered before designing a completely bespoke project: where the sun falls, how the wind affects the area and what kind of soil is in place.

A great garden design service creates beautiful outdoor spaces that reflect your dreams while minimizing maintenance wherever possible. 

We love landscaping and we have selected the latest trends in garden design:

  • Natural materials: designers are looking for a DIY look in their gardens. There is a heightened interest in natural materials like wood and stone for the built elements of a garden.
  • Colour blocking is the use of discrete blocks of colours and is becoming very popular in outdoor living spaces.
  • Hyperlocalism: garden designers are seeing interest in native and endemic plants, i.e., those native to a particular ecosystem. Using native plants and locally sourced materials for designing your garden will not be difficult in the island of Ibiza!
  • Old and new mixing: a trend in interiors and architecture, is about to arrive in gardens, combining modern and traditional in a compelling way.
  • Sustainability tech: Technology advancements in irrigation systems that you can control from your smart phone.
  • Low-maintenance gardens.
  • Bringing nature indoors.
  • Green walls and green roofs.
  • Pergolas, with integrated drainage, lighting and heating, will be the must-have garden feature.

Make the most of your garden and enjoy the many health-giving benefits of living outdoor.

Use these tips to help you find the right landscaping designer in Ibiza to create the dream garden you so deserve and remember: perfection is a series of small things done really well.



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