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October 11, 2017
December 10, 2017
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Interiors and Gardens

The atmosphere of both interiors and gardens at the touch of a button.

There are different ways light affects you.

In fact, lighting greatly impacts our moods throughout the day.

Natural lighting has a very calming effect; however, lack of light can cause changes negative in mood and emotions. It affects our productivity and concentration, our sleep cycles and, of course, our eyes. It’s exciting that there are ways to manipulate your lighting for the better.

Lighting is one of the most powerful interior design tools. Light has the power to impact experience and it influences atmosphere – not to mention energy consumption. The lighting in a home changes the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room. Placement and type are important aspects of interior design, and they work in conjunction with colour selections, room size, availability of natural light and furniture selection.

The right lighting design and placement can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home.

Lighting design services are important in order to create a customised lighting plan with suggested designs, placement and fitting. 

A good lighting design services provider has a flexible process, so they can be as involved as you need them.

Interior and exterior lighting solutions must be highly integrated technically and aesthetically. The role of the lighting designer is a complex one, straddling both

art and technology. 

A successful scheme can enhance or reinterpret a space… Light is one of the most overlooked and yet important elements of good interior design. 

Use these tips to help you find the right lighting designer in Ibiza to create the dream lighting you so deserve and remember: perfection is a series of small things done really well.



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