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Hello Wolrd – Bruno Reymond Interview

Bruno Reymond (Interview)

Enthusiast for decoration, lover of his work, this is how the famous french interior designer is. Bruno Reymond, creator of the decoration shop, The Maison de L’Elephant, a new concept store of sales with 3000 m2 divided in four flats, where every single product are thoroughly chosen. He considers himself as the Walt Disney of the adults. He told us that he loves all of his creations, his motto is: “Happy people in the house”.

He started in Ibiza 25 years ago, with a famous restaurant called, L’ Elephant.   He is also known for being the interior designer of the beach Custo’s club in Barcelona, the Hotel Pacha,  the Ushuaïa, the Ayoun and of many famous houses, luxury villas. Also a long billiard cue of international works.

Bruno Reymond is in a fantastic moment. The world influential artist, confirm us that the humility added to the passion for the things he made, is the perfect result for the key of his labor success.

Bruno Reymond, is famous interior designer in all over the world but, ¿how describes Bruno Reymond himself?

I’m like a child, I’m the Walt Disney of adults, is what people in Ibiza looks for. I’m a passionate who loves decoration. I describe myself as a model of wellness, this motto resumes me perfectly:  “Happy people in the house”.

How were your beginnings?

I began in fashion world where I stay ten years. Then I have had many restaurants. But I always have been charmed with the decoration. I began with my own house, changing it and renewing all time. When I came to Ibiza, I inaugurated a restaurant with L’Elephant’s name and, with it, I realized that there were not decoration shops for it and neither for my house, so I started moving and travelling to decorate both spaces, just for hobby.

How was the jump of being a stranger into a very famous designer in all over the world?

Money isn´t the most important thing in my life, for me this is a hobby.  Everything I do is because I like it, if I don’t, I won´t do it. Everything I made, I do it with passion and I think that sharing this with the customers, it is the key of my success.  There are no rules and no styles, only my emotions and my experiences.

Who are your modals?

The truth is that whole world, starting with a girl who has a small flat with a nice decoration ending with a house of a millionaire. But, as interior designer, I’ve been always inspired in Philippe Starck because he is like me, he doesn´t have a fixed style, he guides by his emotions and, for this reason, everything is different of all you can see.

La Maison de L’ Elephant has 3000 m2 divided in four flats, far away of the normal concept store, it is look like a museum. What does it mean for you?

For me it is not enough, it is too small, i want more and more. I think is normal, but people are surprised when they come.  I will like to add that in this shop everyone can buy something, I have all types of prices, expensive and cheap, this is another base of our concept.

Why Ibiza?

Because i love Ibiza, the music, the people, the wellness… All people come here for enjoy it, to rest, go party, problems don’t exist hear. I came on holidays and I still here.

Your shop has turned into one of the world modals of the decoration, what supposes for you this recognition?

I do not see it like that, I am never satisfied. They say it to me, value me, but I see also very nice things in many places.

What are your inspiration sources?

I first think in what I like, everything I would have at home. Nevertheless, my inspiration resources are my trips and emotions.

Why the sign of La Maison de L ‘ Elephant and most of your Works are elephants?

In general, I like animals. But I love elephant, they have sweetness on their eyes and they are also very powerfull.

Which are the ‘must’ that cannot be absent in your works and products?

The big dimensions and the colors but, especially, to be different to what we are accustomed.

If you had to choose one of your works as the favorite, which would be?

All, because for me every work, every project, every trips, are uniques.

Also you are an artist painter, why do you decide to enter this field?

I had a big flat in Barcelona and, buying big pictures is expensive so, I started painting for me, just for fun.  When the people were coming to my house they asked me for them, for who was the painter, they real liked them. So I realized that my paintings could be sale.

Do you think that Spain have a good criteria in an artistic way talking?

Who can judge the real good art? I do what I like and to people who want to share that with me. It is not a question of good taste, is the way of realizing the interpretation.



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