International Interior Designer an Artist at
La Maison de L’ Elephant.

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Enthusiast for decoration, lover of his work, this is how the famous french interior designer is. Bruno Reymond, creator of the decoration shop, The Maison de L’Elephant, a new concept store of sales with 3000 m2 divided in four flats, where every single product are thoroughly chosen. He considers himself as the Walt Disney of the adults. He told us that he loves all of his creations, his motto is: “Happy people in the house”.

25 years ago

L’ Elephant

He started in Ibiza 25 years ago, with a famous restaurant called, L’ Elephant. He is also known for being the interior designer of the beach Custo’s club in Barcelona, the Hotel Pacha, the Ushuaïa, the Ayoun and of many famous houses, luxury villas. Also a long billiard cue of international works.

Where & When


Because i love Ibiza, the music, the people, the wellness… All people come here for enjoy it, to rest, go party, problems don’t exist hear. I came on holidays and I still here.

What are your inspiration sources?

I first think in what I like, everything I would have at home. Nevertheless, my inspiration resources are my trips and emotions.

Why the sign of La Maison de L ‘ Elephant and most of your Works are elephants?

In general, I like animals. But I love elephant, they have sweetness on their eyes and they are also very powerfull.

Also you are an artist painter, why do you decide to enter this field?

I had a big flat in Barcelona and, buying big pictures is expensive so, I started painting for me, just for fun. When the people were coming to my house they asked me for them, for who was the painter, they real liked them. So I realized that my paintings could be sale.

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Smile, take a while, breathe ... one ... two ... three ... think when you want to come to La Maison de L’ Elephant, reserve a day and an hour with us to attend you.