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We have a style that adapts to each occasion. We are passionate about the whole process of an interior design project: from the beginning til the end passing through all different phases: idea, briefing, sketches, designs, materials and colors.

Interior Design

What seems to be a conventional house at first sight can become a design referent of the area thanks to a good development of the house design, the study of orientation, light, furniture and decoration of gardens.

Art Store

Always at the forefront of the interior design of hotels. Our work includes the completion with great success of interior design projects in Barcelone, Spain and within the tourism sector worldwide.


Small details make the difference... Our interior design projects enhace interior spaces and habitability as a premise. This is one of our distinguishing features.

Interior Design & Luxury Furniture in Ibiza from Bruno Raymond, working on interior design in Villas, Apartments, Hotels, Fairs. Furniture Showroom Virtual

Bruno Reymond; Why Ibiza?

Because I love Ibiza, the music, the people, the wellness… All people come here for enjoy it, to rest, to go party... Problems don’t exist hear. I came on holidays and I am still here.

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Really, can you?

La Maison de L’ Elephant has 3000 m2 divided in four flats, far away of the normal concept store, it looks like a museum. What does it mean for you?

For me it is not big enough, it is too small, I want more and more. For me is normal, but people are surprised when they come. Something that matters is that in this shop everyone can buy something. I have all types of prices, expensive and cheap, this is one of the foundations of our concept. B.R.



Smile, take a while, breathe... One... Two... Three... Think when it best suits you to come to La Maison de L’ Elephant to setup a meeting at your preferred time.

Incredible things are going to happen!